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  1. Are the photographs for sale?

  2. Are there other images available?

  3. Are the images archival?

  4. How are the images reproduced?

  5. Are the pieces framed?

  6. What are the prices of the images?

  7. How do I contact you?

Are the photographs for sale?

Yes, they are.  Most photographs are from a limited series of generally 50 pieces.  They range in size from 16x20 inches framed to 4x6 feet.  Each image is made to your custom specifications.  They can be photographically or digitally reproduced.

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Are there other images available?

The website shows only a small number of pieces.  Please contact me if you like the style but do not see the subject you desire.

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Are the images archival?

Yes, they are.  All of the images are reproduced with archival Epson digital ink sets and Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper or on archival photographic paper (Cibachrome).

The Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper, together with the Epson professional ink sets, offers the same deep blacks, sublte tonal gradations, and long-lasting results as the darkroom papers of the past. Its fiber base, 13 mil thick, has a rich surface, a continuous tone, and a soft gloss that is ideal for brilliant color that retains the look and feel of traditional fiber paper.

All of the images are rated by Wilhelm Imaging Research to have a stability of at least 80 years.

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How are the images reproduced?

The images can be reproduced digitally by professional Epson UltraChrome K3 ink sets, Iris or Piezo-dye printing or photographically by Cibachrome or C-prints.  Ink jet, Iris or Piezo-dye techniques allow the use of many different papers of various surfaces, visual timbre, maximum size, and includes 100% cotton acid-free watercolor papers for fine art print making. It has a guarantee of more than 100 years. Cibachrome (silver halide), aka Ilfochrome, has a guarantee of 200 years stability.  It is available in glossy surface only.  Chromogenic "C" print materials are available in glossy, luster, and matte print surfaces. 

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Are the pieces framed?

Yes, they are sold framed and unframed.  Only the finest acid-free archival materials are used for mounting, matting, and framing.  Images can be framed traditionally with mat and frame or can be presented mounted on a sheet of anodized aluminum and laminated with either glossy or non-glare film.  Other forms of presentation include the print being mounted under " plexiglass (regular or non-glare) and then mounted on 3mm Sintra, or float mounted in a frame.  Contact me for more information. 

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What are the prices of the images?

This depends upon whether you desire a framed or unframed piece, the size of the image, and the method of presentation.  Generally, 13"x19" images (which when mounted and matted are approximately 20"x25") are approximately $225 plus shipping and handling; the framed images of the same size are approximately $300.  Larger and smaller sizes are also available.

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How do I contact you?

Send me an e-mail at .

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